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How to earn money on the Internet?

  1. Creating a blog The content of a blog is its most important component - and the most fun. You can write about whatever topic you want, whether it's a hobby of yours, entertainment or even your personal life, as long as it captivates the audience.

It is the number of visitors that will attract advertisers, the main ones responsible for making your blog a source of income. An important care is not to lose the focus of your blog and keep it in the original purpose.

That is: treat only a specific niche. Be sure to think of an attractive layout that also corresponds to the blog's subject, in addition to constantly updating it and having well-written texts.

As your blog grows and manages to establish an average number of visitors, it is ready for another profitable internet tool:


  1. Google Adsense One of the giant's systems, Google Adsense provides some sponsored links in the layout of its website, usually on the sides and at the top. The money is calculated from the number of clicks that your blog visitors give on Google ads.

To use Adsense, you need to register on the site and then add the ad units on your site. The amount received for each click can vary from cents to a few dollars.

But be smart: the only way to start making money from Adsense is to have a few fixed visitors to your site. Otherwise, the ads only take up space in your layout.


  1. Create a vlog on Youtube It is a little more versatile than a blog: in the same way, you can talk about the subject you want, the differences are that it forms a video and the subjects can be more varied.

Still, it’s important to maintain a style in your videos or some factor that keeps viewers coming back to your channel - and that’s where your creativity comes in.

YouTube also makes ads available to its users that have more than an average of 30,000 views on their videos, which will work similarly to Google Adsense (the difference is that in this case the ads are from YouTube itself).

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If you already have a blog, it’s interesting to keep a video channel on YouTube as an extension of it. In addition to Adsense ads, you can profit from those of videos. It is also a way of showing greater commitment and seriousness with the blog.

Some channels on the site end up being so well known that owners start advertising certain brands in their videos and start to gain even more credibility - in addition to money, of course.

  1. Become a freelance web content creator Social media content is an important tool for customer relationship and dissemination to brands and companies, who most often prefer to hire a freelancer to do this job.

Having a knack for writing and knowing what customers or consumers want to see on the brand page are some of the skills needed for functions, which can be done even from home.

  1. Set up an online store The internet is one of the favorite ways to shop today. Many companies even profit more from their online store than from physical ones.

Setting up an online store is easier than it looks; it only requires a stock of products, a website and knowing how to manage it. Otherwise, the store may end up bringing you more losses than profit.

Choose the payment method most convenient for you (and consumers), a delivery method and invest in a heavy promotion of your store, whether on social networks, creating partnerships with blogs and websites, making promotions, etc. It is one of the most successful ways to make money on the internet.


  1. Sell on buy and sell websites eBay, OLX and MercadoLivre are sites that have great demand for products; they allow you to sell all kinds of products, from real estate to clothing, and the best part is that they don’t charge much of your profit for your ads.

The tactic to sell on these sites is to bet on a product that is difficult to find in any store and that you can sell for a higher price than what is sold, so that you can profit. Or, sell some product that is for sale in different stores and places and sell it for a lower price and in large quantities.

  1. Buy items at a discount and sell more expensive Generally, the price of products for sale on the internet is lower - and that is what motivates many people to look for and buy them. There are several ways to buy and sell products at a discount: auction sites, importing products from abroad, etc ...

If you bought a product at a discount, a good idea is to resell it for a slightly higher price, but still lower than what is usually found.

Whether selling in your own online store or advertising on the websites of the previous item, investing in this idea in large quantities and in the long run can bring a greater profit than you think.

  1. Selling photos If you are good at photography and enjoy doing it, you can sell your photos to sites like Fotolia, Dreamstime and iStockPhoto.

They have partner programs that pay for their photos a percentage of the total value of the photograph. IStockPhoto pays commissions between 15% and 45%, while Fotolia pays between 20% and 65%, depending on some criteria and requirements.

Having a good camera for shooting can be a more expensive investment, but it can have a greater return with the sale of the photos.

  1. Bet on the affiliate system The affiliate program works when the affiliate refers a visitor to a merchant's website and, if the visitor makes the purchase, the affiliate receives a commission on his account as payment for the referral (which worked). Tracking is performed using software installed in the shopping cart, which calculates the commission to be received and generates purchase reports.

The ones to participate in the program is that you have more than one business partner, in addition to just needing a website - again, with good visits - to disclose the link that redirects to the merchant's website.

E-commerce giants like Amazon , Booking , Americanas.com and hundreds of other companies (from dozens of segments) already work like this.

You can choose business partners that have to do with the subject of your blog and further increase the chances of purchases being made.

  1. Build your business online Many recognized companies started out as startups, with low investments and that had rapid growth. And many of them on the internet. Companies that start online start out as startups and, if your idea is innovative, the chance of making millions is great.

To make your business work, you can use software that manages sales, or even have a team for that, if you are a virtual commerce company. Always invest in advertising, especially on social networks, and be sure that your business has a differential that will attract potential customers.

The trend is that the demand for services and products is increasingly concentrated on the internet, increasing the chances of your business working.

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