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As the junior developer trying to negotiate and navigate the waters of where can I go for help, this article was a wonderful read. I haven't personally experienced the feign surprise. I have, however, gotten the cold, superior brush-off. 'if you don't know that then you shouldn't be calling yourself a developer.' 'If you don't know x then I can hardly be expected to explain y.'

I avoid stack overflow for those very reasons. Unfortunately it has served to slow me down, as I am now resorting to pouring through my books or the countless sites for one specific fix. And when you aren't even sure what to ask to fix your problem, then Google will fail you. And taking that sort of question to stack or forums is guaranteed to bring the 'we have no time for such trivialities' crowd of responses. Sadly, I have honestly gotten those responses above. Almost word for word.

So thank you!

Kindest regards,

Jason Blackstone

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