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Discussion on: The Best Kept Secret for Free Developer Education

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Jan-T. Brinkmann

I noticed that nowhere on the website (nor on ProductHunt) does it mention the site's full name. I saw you calling it Certified Fresh Events in a blog post, but depending on how people find out about it, they might not catch it. It might be easier to talk about it when people can call it by its name (though "" works as a name too, to me it feels a bit more obscure).

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Brian Rinaldi Author

Thanks for feedback. I used to call it Certified Fresh Events, but then at the time the goal was more about actual physical events. I started calling it after I switched the domain name partly because the focus was more on meetups and recordings and less on what I felt were "events". Plus I was hoping it would help people remember the domain (kinda like everyone calls this site by its URL). Plus Certified Fresh Events is such a long name.