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re: I'm not going to answer all that stuff as I think you're overcomplicating things :) Just try and commit 30 minutes a day to do something But most...

I would add to 'Try and have a "backlog" of stuff you want to work on do': Ask yourself what will be beneficial for you in the future. It helped me a lot to clean up some bad habits (less procrastination!) and useless projects I added to my backlog.


I try to do that a lot, but even if I only keep "useful" stuff on my backlog, it still seems to be a lot. Maybe I just don't know how to correctly measure how "useful" something really is. How do you prioritize things ?

Oh my bad.

Hum, the problem is that I have a backlog really really light compared to what you sound to have, so not sure that's gonna help you but anyway:

For example in my list I have:

Learn Rust
Write an article about how a NAT gateway works
Write an article about true colors in tmux
Move my website to netlify

  • Learn Rust

Long task and not the easiest one, the language is quite tough to get your head around so not particularly fitting for a "pomodoro" during a late evening.

  • Article about NAT gateway

Short time ish task. It's related to my work so easy to work on that during my working hours,

  • Write an article about true colors in tmux

No one really cares about this so that can wait

  • Move my website to hugo and netlify instead of django

It's getting pretty urgent as I changed of employer and my old website is still on their servers...

So knowing the list, I'll do:

  1. Move my website to hugo and netlify instead of django
  2. Article about NAT gateway
  3. Learn Rust

Not the "Write an article about true colors in tmux" because I know that I had the issue because of my own terminal / tmux / vim configuration so the value of this article is kinda worthless.

The 3. is quite different as well. It's a learning task so I would do this in the morning before going to work and more regularly than 1 & 2 that will be done by the end of next week during the evenings.

I don't know, I am not sure that's gonna help you ahaha

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