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Discussion on: I'm a Rubyist for ~15 years and CTO of a Rails consultancy, Ask Me Anything!

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It's allways great to see a rubyist making a living out of it.

Have you done any serious projects in Ruby without Rails?
What would you say are the most exciting gems or technologies in the Ruby ecosystem (I've seen you mentioning Sequel and Hanami)?

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Michael Kohl Ask Me Anything • Edited

In fact, yes. I worked as a penetration tester/security consultant a few years back and used quite a bit of Ruby for that. Metasploit uses Ruby as a scripting language, which is one use case a lot of Rubyists are unaware of.

As for most exciting new Ruby gems/technologies, my vote goes to dry-rb (I contributed a bit, mostly to dry-monads). Hyperloop also looks interesting, but I didn't get around to try it yet. Personally I'm also very excited by mruby, which opens up embedded/IoT programming to Rubyists. Truffle Ruby also is very interesting, since it's already beating the target speed for Ruby 3 by a fair bit.