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Discussion on: How to write bad-ass technical tests for your interviews ?

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Xavier Dubois 🇫🇷 Author

I think writing your own code matter because everyone can copy paste.
The test is a way to confirm your logic and you ability to write an algorithm.

Last test I reviewed, the candidate used a whole snippet found online to read json and insert it to a databse,by batch, without failing.
It worked pretty well, and the code author would be welcome to join the team, but what does it says about the candidate ?
That he didn't know how to do it ? That he knew but he thought that snippet was more effective ?

Moreover, nobody want to hire someone who use pieces of code from stack overflow without understanding it.

Concerning the help provided, indeed it's not that common, and I think it's a shame.
Dunno why companies don't offer it.
I mean, even during the whiteboard test you should be able to discuss an issue with the recruiter.
Why not during the technical test then ?

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kurisutofu • Edited

Well, I understand but if the task worked without failing, I would assume he understood the objective, how to find and understand the code that would work for the situation and apply it.
Maybe he didn't feel like typing and went for the fastest, most efficient way.

I'm not trying to antagonize you, I just think sometimes, finding the already-made solution is as good as coding it from scratch yourself ;)