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Discussion on: Points That A First Time Coder Should Follow!!!πŸ—’

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Justin Henry • Edited

I disagree with C++ as a first language to run with. I would suggest more along the lines of lua, python, javascript, php, etc. Running with C++ as the first one means you have to pick up a lot of proprietary nuances that come with the language that you don't experience in other languages.

I would also add that you need to consider what area of the field you want to aim towards and that will most likely influence what language to start in. If you want AI/ML then go python. If you want high performance multi-threading for cli processes, go with erlang or go. If you want frontend web, go Javascript/Typescript. If you want server side web or microservices, I'd suggest Javascript/Typescript, Erlang, Go, Php, Ruby, Python.

Regardless what your end goal is, I'd suggest investing in learning about functional programming and immutable state. Those patterns tend to encourage better architecture and code quality. I do not mean to say "Only do functional programming" but you need to learn the patterns and concepts so you understand why OOP may be failing you down the road.

PS: I didn't mention Java, but that's because I have had negative experiences in the past trying to like Java, when there are other technologies that are easier to ramp up on and reproduce/scale.

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Naman Budhiraja Author

Thank you for your opinion Justin😊

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