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Points That A First Time Coder Should Follow!!!πŸ—’

Hi All!!!πŸ‘‹

Today I will be talking about the most important things that a first time coder or who are thinking of starting a carrer in tech should follow.πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»(Note:- These opinions are my own which have been plotted after more than one year of programming experience.πŸ‘)

So without further ado , Let's get started!!πŸ€™

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Which Programming Language To Choose??πŸ€”

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This is the most common question asked by a newbiew or we can say who wants to learn to code for the first time.I also had this same question.I will suggest you to start with C++.
But Why C++ ?? Beacuse it is begineer friendly and will cover most of the important topics like pointers , OOPS , etc.😎

Where To Start??🀨

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Hold On.I got your back!!πŸ’ͺ

Here are the few links where you can start learning:

1) FreeCodeCamp:

2) W3Schools:

3) GeeksForGeeks:

These are few websites where you can start but there is more out there.You can explore on the internet!!Go Explore!!

Don't Get Confused!!πŸ˜•

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We have the advantage of most beautiful thing Internet.😎 There are lots of amazing resources on the internet where you can learn coding.But due to so many resources , it creates lots of confusion like which course is best , etc.
For this , I shall tell you one simple thing that All Resources Are Awesome out there because the team/people behind that content worked very hard to post such content on the internet.
So , Don't get confused.Just start learning and stick to it.
You can explore different resources while learning but first stick to one resource for atleat one month.🀘

Find CommunityπŸƒ

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The best thing of coding is that you are not alone in this journey.There are many people with different level of expertise in different technologies out there which are really amazing and very helpful to the community.I would highly recommend you to join a coding community so that you are constantly in touch with coding and motivate yourself every single day.
So,Where to find these communities?? You can connect with amazing people on LinkedIn and Twitter.You can also go to workshops , webinars , public events , meetups which are being conducted by amazing community members.
Go Find Your Coding Community And Make New Friends!!πŸ‘±πŸ‘©

Pair ProgrammingπŸ‘¬πŸ‘«

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This is most underrated point that every newbiew should follow.πŸ‘Š
Pair Programming means programming with another fellow and learn and share code while working together.The fellow could be anyone like your friend , classmate , but of course with the desire to learn coding along with you.πŸ’ͺ

❌Remember: Never! I Reapeat Never!! Compare yourself with your fellow while doing pair programming as it leads to anxiety , self-doubt and at the end of the day you will realize that it was nothing but just a useless thought.❌

Find MentorsπŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ™

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Finding the right mentor is a difficult task in itself but not impossible.Your mentor can be anyone whether he/she is your junior or senior.Basically , the role of a mentor in your life is to guide you in every step that you are taking in building your carrer in any field. "Your mentor" means you admire him/her a lot and want to follow his/her path while learning.So,Go find your mentor and connect with him/her.


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The conclusion of this blog post is to just start your coding journey and don't wait for right time.You need a laptop and a internet connection and you are good to go.All the learning resoureces are out there on the internet and also you have amazing people out there to help you out.So,

So , That's it from my sideπŸ™πŸ™Œ.I hope you like this blog post and I didn't waste your time.If so,then please give a ❀ and share to your peers who want to learn to code.🀘
And if I had missed something,kindly comment down belowπŸ’».
See you untill next timeπŸ‘‹.Connect With Me On LinkedIn and Twitter.

           "Coding is not a Sprint , its a Marathon"

                          Thank You
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Justin Henry • Edited

I disagree with C++ as a first language to run with. I would suggest more along the lines of lua, python, javascript, php, etc. Running with C++ as the first one means you have to pick up a lot of proprietary nuances that come with the language that you don't experience in other languages.

I would also add that you need to consider what area of the field you want to aim towards and that will most likely influence what language to start in. If you want AI/ML then go python. If you want high performance multi-threading for cli processes, go with erlang or go. If you want frontend web, go Javascript/Typescript. If you want server side web or microservices, I'd suggest Javascript/Typescript, Erlang, Go, Php, Ruby, Python.

Regardless what your end goal is, I'd suggest investing in learning about functional programming and immutable state. Those patterns tend to encourage better architecture and code quality. I do not mean to say "Only do functional programming" but you need to learn the patterns and concepts so you understand why OOP may be failing you down the road.

PS: I didn't mention Java, but that's because I have had negative experiences in the past trying to like Java, when there are other technologies that are easier to ramp up on and reproduce/scale.

naman56 profile image
Naman Budhiraja

Thank you for your opinion Justin😊

professorrq profile image

OP πŸ”₯

naman56 profile image
Naman Budhiraja

Thank You Ansh

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Garvit Sharma


naman56 profile image
Naman Budhiraja

Thank YouπŸ™

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