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What? No Angular? Hmmmm.

As for Aurelia, Rob has blazed some amazing paths in the past. But prior to Aurelia 2, I'd give it a poor grade. Rob's attention was split and the product went sour. He'll need a A++ to get some of us back.

My taste for Elm is non existant. I find it's flavor disgusting. Maybe its time to try again.

Web Components? Yes, maybe React and Angular are history already.

Serverless Architecture, yes it's all good and here now!


Angular will keep chugging along and being Angular. People and companies who want to use it will continue to do so. But, I don't think anyone is excited about revisiting Angular again. They burned some serious bridges with that rewrite. I think Angular will remain stable. It's a stable enterprise grade framework. A lot of government agencies here in Australia use it.

I think the problems with Aurelia in the early days of its release were not the result of split focus. Rob surprisingly has always been quite active and engaged with the project, as well as the community. Even when he took his job with Microsoft, he was easily reachable by us in the core team.

What actually happened was Aurelia got caught up in the middle of emerging and changing standards, as well as front-end tooling. In 2015 Gulp was still quite popular and Webpack not the defacto standard it really has become now for bundling. The documentation was also sadly a bit lacking.

As a result, some early design decisions also got in the way. But, to Rob and the teams credit, the design of the framework and its stability has honestly been unrivalled. I went from the alpha, to beta and then stable release without there being any serious rewrite-level breaking changes.

Admittedly, it took a little bit of time to rectify those problems. But Aurelia 1 as it currently stands is well documented and easy to work with. I would encourage people to give v2 a go, it is even better (I've been using it in its incomplete state).

I definitely encourage you to check out Aurelia 2 when it is released shortly. It's a complete rewrite, with the same familiar syntax and standards compliance. The project has expanded well beyond Rob, there is a decent core team of developers working on v2. There is even a core team member who participates in TC39 meetings and is helping shape different specifications and shaping Aurelia at the same time. We also have a paid full time core team member now thanks to sponsor companies and the community, which has been amazing for the project.


Concerning Angular burning bridges, it can feel as though the entire community is thrown under the bus, when projects die. MSFT is king at this.

However Angular 1 was a terrible, highly opinionated, off the rails, DOA product. How it became the rage shows how much the web world wanted simple binding mechanisms.

Angular 9 is totally different and no longer hijacks Javascript via its older arcane DI system. It now allows full support of latest Javascript and Typescript and Webpack specs. Its CLI makes it simple to use. It's DI now fully supports modules.

It is fast and a natural fit for OOP folks who know MVVM.

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