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Discussion on: Beer vs coffee?

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I would go for beer as well. But mostly so that I could get sleepy enough to forget that final feature and go to bed like a NORMAL PERSON!! 😂😂😋😋

All kidding aside, I totally get the need for those midnight sessions. Mine happen to be the "waking up at 2AM with a sudden rush of unbearable guilt that I went to bed the night before rather than finish said feature" issue. I am sorry that you have no choice but am there myself so I get it. I'd go with beer. Or, preferrably a mid-shelf bourbon like Maker's Mark of Basil Hayden's with a splash of lime juice and a single rock. If only to relax myself because when I'm in that position, chances are I am one stressed duck.🦆

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Gene Author

Wow! That's more than beer! I'd immediately fell asleep.