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Hey There!

I'm Kaj, a 24-year old developer from Belgium.

I came across this website by friend and colleagues that were recently tweeting articles of this site, and I loved it!

During my job I spend most of the time by developing using Java (mostly Spring) and Javascript (Angular stack mostly).. But sometimes I get in touch with other languages as well (e.g. Scala).

I love to code, so my hobby became my job and I love that.. Besides coding, I also play a lot with more hardware-like stuff like Raspberry Pi's, Arduino's, EPS8266 Microcontrollers and a bunch of sensors...

I'm also extremely interested in deploying applications and love to work with Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, ...

Currently I am learning about Elixir, because it looks like an interesting language to me + it hase some possibilities to use it on a Raspberry Pi as well! :)

Lots of hello worlds from Belgium,


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