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Hey there, welcome to dev.to!


The last introduction thread got 200 comments! Stoked that y'all are introducing yourselves.😁

I'm going to leave some guidelines this time though, just to shake it up a bit:

  1. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

  2. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community! You can talk about a project you've worked on, some advice for someone else (or your future self), or something that has helped you get where you are today.

Let's do it!

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is this the new medium.com (the tech part)
also i'm amazed by how snappy the website is, love it


Hi everyone. This is Bruno, from Argentina. I couldn't agree more with Kyrollos. Is this the new Medium? We'll see...

The site's really snappy, that's true also.

Glad to be over here!


Hi everyone! As you might have guessed, I am a software developer and a blogger too. I am Sam, 1selfsolutions.com is my blog. It basically has everything I would like to share, which includes my programming knowledge. :)

Hope I'm welcome here :D


Hello all, I am ilyes from earth:), pleased to join this new platform. I'm a machine learning engineer, hope to learn and share with the community here :))


Welcome everyone! If you have any questions about how to contribute, don't be afraid to ask.

One thing I'd suggest: If you're not sure what to write yourself, feel free to add questions to some of the posts. The authors usually love to answer these. It's kind of like a conference talk. Follow up questions about any of the material is a great part of it.


Hi Ben! thanks for give us this new coven to share with the dev world.


Hello World!

My name is Parth Krishna. Currently, I am learning how to google code solutions, and bug fixes(mostly segmentation faults), and get answers from stackoverflow[I am a second year CS student] :P

I came across this website as an advert on facebook, and I liked it. It's a really good project. I find it really useful because it's linked to your github account, so I can stalk people and their repositories both, side by side XD

My college course includes, data structures in C[I freaking hate those sigsegv errors], using python libraries to visualize datasets(Data Science), and some other. I'm trying to script many things using bash currenly[check my repositories], also, I'm learning Django on the sides[ wait until I create a website better than this @thepracticaldev ]

My advice to the current and future self - Stop procrastinating alreadys. You have so many things to do but your attitude is making you refrain. You have the potential. If someone can do it, YOU can do it too.

P.S. ask her out already man :3

Thanks for reading this.
Love from India.
Parth Krishna


Hey Parth!

Great advice -- procrastination is a dream killer!

Good luck in building your skill set--seems like you're on the path to success.

In hiring for technical roles I see all sorts of motivated, hard workers come across my desk and I'm in awe of how much focus they have. Focus is key, and it kills procrastination. Good luck with everything!


Thanks a lot for all the wishes!
Please keep me guiding in the future also =D


Hello! I'm procrastinating something by writing this. Perhaps i should keep this short and get back to it :)


Hello,am also interested in tech issues. I study computer science online


Hello my Brothers and Sisters through 1's and 0's. I'm a masters in Computer Applications guy (Similar to Msc in Computer Science) from India. Finally landed in my first job close to 10 months back.

I've been writing code since 10 yrs old. But I learnt more in this 10 months more than what I learnt over the 14 years of education about programming. My love for Programming is now unquenchable. But couldn't find how to progress further or a place to stay updated and be like a real developer.

Finally found this community accidently in facebook. After reading first few posts itself I understood this the place I've been searching for.

Hope to share and learn more knowledge with all you people.

Ritchie Einstein
Programming is The Art. Programming Language is just a way to Express your Thoughts and Solutions.


Hi! I'm an aspiring software engineer looking to work with fullstack JavaScript.

I'm thinking about writing a tutorial based on my own experiences learning how to build a CRUD app using React/Redux and Node/Express. Would anyone be interested in that?


Hello! I'm Jess, one of the co-founders of this thing. My advice for current and future self: if you're stuck on a problem, go for a jog.


Hi Jess! I've just joined the community but been reading articles for a while now. I can totally relate to your advice! I find running somehow both frees and focusses the mind at the same time.



Hello, I'm a late bloom beginner in C#, although I've had prior experience in Oracle 11G as a database administrator. I also have basic understanding of SQL and Linux (RedHat distr.).

Please holla at me if you've got tips for C# beginners. Counting on your support


Hello, I am Amrullah. I am a software engineer with 4+ years of experience who has worked mostly on python (django framework). My key area of strength is Object Oriented Analysis and Design. I have the ability to write code that is easily modifiable and self-documenting. You may want to have a look at this small presentation I had created few months ago slideshare.net/AmrullahZunzunia/br.... I look forward to share my knowledge on this platform and learn a thing or two too.


Hello everyone!! I'm Omowumi (Lynda) a recent college grad with a bachelors in computer science. I love learning and I'm currently working on a project in Python, a tea database and timer. Also trying to brush up my interviewing skills and read anything that will make me a better programmer!

Nice to be here!


Okay! Thanks for that, I'll get my hands on that book!


Hey, everyone!

My name is Oleksii.

I’m a polyglot programmer and generalist. Currently, I focus on building clean web applications in Kotlin. Also, I work with React/Redux front-end applications lately.

My current side project is the new blog that I’m launching – iwillteachyoukotlin.com. Here I give out my Ultimate Kotlin Tutorial for free. The blog itself has a lot of contents coming up on how to build various applications in Kotlin: ranging from CLI apps to web apps and Android apps.

I’m writing a series of articles on Programming 101 With Kotlin, as well.

Here, on DEV.to community I’m going to write various content about Kotlin and, occasionally, about my personal development journey.

Thank you, ~Oleksii


Welcome, and awesome to have you here.

I'm thinking about doing more Android development; do you think it's worth learning Java or should I just jump straight into Kotlin?


Hey, Andy!

If you are already familiar with any other object-oriented programming language, you should be good to go with Kotlin. Notably, for Android, since it is now an official language for Android development.

If you obtain enough proficiency in Kotlin, you’ll be able to maintain older Java code, as well.


Hi, I'm Dominik.
I love the dev.to, the awesome blogposts and how friendly everyone is, and I'm excited to finally be a part of this community.
My main expertise is in C# and the .Net stack, and in Javascript.
Of course, I also do some database stuff when needed, but I guess every developer does, right?
My latest side project is ismydependencysafe.com.
I'm trying to contribute more to the developer community, both by writing blogposts, and also commenting with my thoughts to other ones.
So expect a blogpost about that side project to appear soon ;)


Welcome, and awesome side project! I've been learning a lot more security stuff than I ever thought I would. Stoked for your blog post :)


Thank you :)

I hope the blogpost will be finished at the start of next week :D


Hello hello, dev.to community!

My name is Laura and I recently finished my bachelor's degree in New Communication Technologies. There I learned the basics of Web Dev in classes (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL) and some other technologies as a plus but I still consider myself a beginner.

As a job is still not in sight (I tried but got hit with the "we want people with more experience" move) I am committed to learn new technologies and develop my knowledge. And try not to see myself as a failure as of yet.

Currently I'm learning Angular in Coursera and soon I'll be diving into a bunch of other things so I'm excited!

Thank you for your time!

Love from Portugal

(And if you're going to Web Summit Lisbon 2017, see you there!)


Olá Laura,
Queria te perguntar se alguma vez trabalhaste com Laravel, eu ja fiz tutoriais de tanto Laravel como o Tour of Heroes do Angular e honestamente acho Laravel mais prático que Angular e queria saber a tua opinião.



Nunca trabalhei com Laravel, infelizmente só foi introduzido no meu curso no ano depois de eu o acabar. Mas pelo que entendi o Laravel é uma Framework de PHP (backend) e o Angular é uma Framework de Javascript (frontend), têm propósitos diferentes. É um pouco difícil comparar tecnologias de diferentes áreas e diferentes objetivos.

Mas isto é só a minha opinião, se houver alguma coisa que não esteja a adicionar à equação diz.

No meu caso, eu prefiro o Laravel porque acho que tem uma organização dos ficheiros melhor que o Angular. O Angular tem tudo na mesma pasta (em principio deves poder alterar como quisseres) mas o Laravel já tem os ficheiros que correspondem ao CSS numa pasta, ao JS noutra pasta e assim por diante entre outras coisas , tambem permite criar bases de dados automaticamente e criar um sistema de login e recuperação da password predefenido. O meu curso foca-se tanto em backend como frontend por isso é que já experimentei os 2 e tenho esta opinião.


Bryan here working as a fullstack developer for a taxi company in Kenya called maramoja (maramoja.co.ke). I mostly work on our nodejs services, handles react, used to power our web app and also do android development for our customer and driver app


Hi I'm Cory. I write code and sometimes blogs, mostly about what I learn about entrepreneurship while building a place card making SaaS.

Happy to meet you folks! You can learn more about me on my website if you're so inclined.


Hi, I'm a trained Quantity Surveyor turned Software Developer.... I am passionate about using technology to solve problems logically. I love JavaScript and Angular.

This community has been a great help to me and I'll love to give back to the community


Hi! I'm Josh. I am currently a c# developer for the maintenance team. I really like coding for fun


I'm Andy and I'm currently a staff engineer at dev.to. I'm sort of a dev relations/regular ol' engineer right now, really a mix of both. It's been pretty rewarding and I definitely am exploring more of that as a continuing position for myself.

If I time traveled and was talking to my past self as of one year ago, I would tell myself to just keep doing what I'm doing. I think a lot of times it's easy to get in your head about what you should be doing, and that sort of attitude is sometimes unproductive and not helpful to yourself. So, former-self, take one step at a time, keep doing what works, and stop doing what isn't helping. :)


My name is Paul and I'm a recent addition to the web developer ranks. I'm focusing on learning the core languages of web development, asking with some very cool, related technologies.

I'm definitely in that space where I can see just how much I don't know, but I'm determined to make this work. I have discovered a passion for code, and I'm pursuing it.

Currently, I'm digging into JavaScript essentials and strengthening my grasp of the fundamentals.


Hello there!

Usually I try to help companies, or rather people at companies, to improve their engineering practices. Some places need help to streamline their version control practices, start writing automated test. At one point they get ready for Continuous Integration and sometimes even for Continuous Deployment.

For fun I maintain several web sites. On the Code Maven site I write about, well programming and related subjects. I also wrote this Perl Tutorial. Recently I've started to write and publish books at Leanpub

I guess I'll try to see how to include my RSS feeds here.


Hello people from the world of the electron and the switch.

I have coded with C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and others. I am currently working as a remote software engineer using Rails and React.

I <3 Linux (I use Ubuntu, Fedora and Centos), Docker & rkt containers; and I really like Kubernetes.

This is awesome, I wish the best to all of you.

Luis Valdés
Milky Way


Hi! I'm Raj and I just started dipping my foot into the world of web development. Will share my projects here once I have something major to talk about. As of now, the only thing that I'm slightly proud of is my portfolio site on github. Anyway, I gotta say, I really like the design and responsiveness of this site. Great work, devs!


Hey there Dev.to community!

I'm a talent acquisition manager who's having a great time on Dev.to -- having the opportunity to read through the insightful content here and converse with all of you passionate developers is one of the reasons I love my job!

It's really inspiring to read about all of your experiences and all of the hard work you're doing. If I can be of any help in offering insights from the world of tech hiring, please let me know, I'm happy to answer any questions (as long as you don't ask me to code anything, I leave that to you experts!)

I'm super excited to be in on the ground floor of what promises to be a great future for Dev.to!

Advice to live by: Do not let self-doubt overtake the reality of your complete and utter awesomeness!


Hi there!
I am a CS student. Scripting it has been part of my previous jobs, but I am looking forward to increase my programming skills. I love online learning and have learned Java by my self auditing courses on Coursera. Living in Ottawa, spent some years in Barcelona and born in Havana.


Hello everyone. I am currently a Senior Field Support Engineer. I have worked on both server and user end support and looking to moved onto the development side. I had studied programming back when I was in college. I am currently studying on my own and from freecodecamp.


Hi everyone, my name is okey chima. Am a developer interested mainly in python and the django framework. My blog is maxichimaximind.wordpress.com/ where I share things that interest me generally. I hope to learn from this community and contribute as much as I can. Thanks



I'm Iain, a freelance developer based in London.

As always I'm working on too many side projects, but recently been forcing myself to explore newer technologies like Swift and Node.js, and sharpening up my DevOps skills too!



Hello, I'm another Ben (there are dozens of us). I'm mostly a web developer these days, but I come from a sysadmin and product dev background.

I've made it to text smilies, but I don't understand emojis.


Hi Everyone! I am an experienced Wordpress Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in WordPress(Plugin,Theme Development & Customization), PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Strong engineering professional with an Engineer’s Degree focused in Computer Software Engineering.

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