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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Wael Nasreddine

+1 NixOS. I've moved to it from Arch for the same reason as you, Ben. Broken Vim installation caused by a :PlugUpdate on a very busy day is what broke the camel's back for me; curious what it was for you.

I've written about my motivations for the move here:

Happy New Year!

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Ben Lovy Author

To be honest, I don't remember - I don't know if it was any one specific thing, or a sudden realization that I was wasting a lot of time. The specific "straw" is probably irrelevant - it was a long time ago, in any case.

Great write-up, thanks for sharing. I'm hoping that NixOS will someday be the answer I'm looking for here, it's incredibly cool.