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Build a phone number tracker app in Python

Hello guys,

Today I’m going to share with you how to build a simple Desktop application to track the country through the phone number.

It’s a very basic app, therefore you just need to have the basics of Python to be able to complete this tutorial.


Install the following python libraries for you to able to completely follow through this tutorial


pip  install python-tk, phone-iso3166 , pycountry
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We are going to use phone-iso3166 to determine the get alpha_2 letters of the country from the number and pycountry to determine the official name of the country using alpha_2 letters we obtained from phone-iso3166.

Sample code

>>> import pycountry
>>> from import phone_country
>>> code = phone_country("255757295721")
>>> code
>>> pycountry.countries.get(alpha_2 = code)
Country(alpha_2='TZ', alpha_3='TZA', common_name='Tanzania', name='Tanzania, United Republic of', numeric='834', official_name='United Republic of Tanzania')
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Well now we know how to get country information from a phone number, We need to put our logic code in a form of an App so as we can easily use it.

Below is a code of the skeleton for our GUI app with function using the logic we learned above

import json 
import pycountry
from tkinter import Tk, Label, Button, Entry
from import phone_country

class Location_Tracker:
    def __init__(self, App):
        self.window = App
        self.window.title("Phone number Tracker")
        self.window.resizable(False, False)

        #___________Application menu_____________
        Label(App, text="Enter a phone number",fg="white", font=("Times", 20), bg="#3f5efb").place(x=150,y= 30)
        self.phone_number = Entry(App, width=16, font=("Arial", 15), relief="flat")
        self.track_button = Button(App, text="Track Country", bg="#22c1c3", relief="sunken")
        self.country_label = Label(App,fg="white", font=("Times", 20), bg="#3f5efb")

        #___________Place widgets on the window______, y=120), y=200), y=280)

        #__________Linking button with countries ________
        self.track_button.bind("<Button-1>", self.Track_location)

    def Track_location(self,event):
        phone_number = self.phone_number.get()
        country = "Country is Unknown"
        if phone_number:
            tracked = pycountry.countries.get(alpha_2=phone_country(phone_number))
            if tracked:
                country = tracked.official_name

PhoneTracker = Tk()
MyApp = Location_Tracker(PhoneTracker)
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Output :

Once you run the output will look like this, now you can experiment with a different number from a different location to determine their country

Congratulations, you just made your own phone location tracker, If you find this post useful, share it with your fellow friends that you have made a cool desktop app.

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To get the whole code you can check out on my GITHUB PROFILE

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