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Discussion on: Is there a Developer Shortage?

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Nathan Kallman Author

Thanks David! That's brave and respectable of your previous employer to be so dedicated to mentorship. So many want to hire a junior (at junior salary) with the expectation of senior performance with little to no support.

someone that has some visible signal of a desire to learn and ability to take feedback.

This is a huge swing factor in my decisions for candidates. Did slightly worse but was learning and asked and received feedback well? I'm a yes. Did slightly better but struggled to listen to suggestions? I'm a no.

I'd much rather have someone receptive of feedback and engaged in their learning while less experienced. It goes both ways. I try to remember that, I, too, could learn something I don't know about that someone with less years of experience than I has worked with. I wonder if you'd agree here

I couldn't agree more. Humility makes all the difference. Reminds me of a quote:

I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him. - Galileo Galilei

You may have more experience; but someone else definitely has different experience and something you can learn from.

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