Discussion on: Oficial Github CLI in beta

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Christian Bewernitz

I can imagine using it, whenever I'm in the mood of not even starting the browser to check something.
And in case I'm already in the terminal I don't need to switch the window.

Oh and if it will allow to simplify the pain of getting some specific information from the gh API, I might even consider using it in some scripts where I need to deal with curl, jq over and over again...

But I guess it really depends on the capabilities of the tool...
I'll try it to see what it can do, thx for the post!

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Manolo Edge Author

Your welcome!

I could see myself using it for automating stuff as well, that's the first thing my boss said when I showed it to him :P

It does not seem to have many capabilities yet, although they might add them if people start using it. I'm sure they will appreciate any ideas :)