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Oficial Github CLI in beta

I just stumbled upon Github CLI yesterday, it's still in early stages (BETA) but it's kinda cool already, and it's available for major OS.

Oficial Description:
gh is GitHub on the command line, and it's now available in beta. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code.

GitHub CLI is currently early in its development, and they're hoping to get feedback from people using it. So if you fancy it, give it a go!

Now, I'm kinda hesitant to use it, I already have a pretty good workflow using Github so I don't know if I would benefit from using it, would you use it regularly? and what for?

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Christian Bewernitz • Edited

I can imagine using it, whenever I'm in the mood of not even starting the browser to check something.
And in case I'm already in the terminal I don't need to switch the window.

Oh and if it will allow to simplify the pain of getting some specific information from the gh API, I might even consider using it in some scripts where I need to deal with curl, jq over and over again...

But I guess it really depends on the capabilities of the tool...
I'll try it to see what it can do, thx for the post!

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Your welcome!

I could see myself using it for automating stuff as well, that's the first thing my boss said when I showed it to him :P

It does not seem to have many capabilities yet, although they might add them if people start using it. I'm sure they will appreciate any ideas :)

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I'm wondering why we need a gh cli...

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Me to! That is partly the reason I made this post. Let's figure out if we need it!