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re: Thank you, that's great feedback. :) Do you find SOQL to be very different to T-SQL over in Salesforce land? I'd love to read more about how they...

Yup, hugely different! You don’t get to DO joins of your own choosing at all. There’s a limited set of sub selects, “parent table lookups,” and semi-joins you can do between tables that already have PK-FK relationships, but there’s no “build whatever you want.” The closest thing, in-platform, is using their Java-like language to hand-join (iterate yourself imperatively) table dumps in memory. The seminal explanation of what you CAN do in pure SOQL is Jeff Douglas’s “SOQL, how I query thee, let me count the ways” (blog post)

Wow, sounds like a tough sell for a SQL/Excel analyst to get their head around. From what I understand it's what you use in Wave to do more than the basics.

That sounds more like SAQL, I think, which I haven’t played with because Wave (now “Einstein Analytics?”) costs extra and we don’t have it. But it DOES have a query language that lets you join at your leisure, I believe I recall from presentations on it. Looked way more like SQL, I believe. SOQL comes free as part of Salesforce for basic queries against the tables you create. SOQL is mostly custom-join-free, I suppose, both for simplicity and to keep non-DB-type amateurs from executing long-running cross-join queries on a server shared with other companies.

Hmmm I’m going to have to investigate the SOQL/SAQL a bit more. It sounds like I’ll be supporting analysts using one of them. It would be good to know which one!

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