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I started multiple times.

First I had a C64 where I played around with BASIC, I was in third grade so I only did basic arithmetic.

When I was 13 I did some Half-Life scripting to map behavior to keys and played around with Flash.

When I was 15 I did a website for my band in HTML.

At 16 I went to special high-school for IT where I learned C and assembler, this went until I was 19.

I didn't do anything programming related until I was 21, when I went to university (computer science and media degree) where I learned C++, Java and PHP. I also worked as a PHP/Web-developer besides my university time.

At 26 I started learning JavaScript to build fancier web front-ends.

At 28 I did a sabattical and went to university again, where I almost did a masters degree in computer science, I just didn't find the time to write my thesis hehe. I did many things with Ember.js.

At 29 I started freelancing and learn React.

At 32 I started to add back-end to my skill-set to become a full-stack developer. Did AWS certificates and learned everything about serverless I could find.

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