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re: That's very true. And this is a big problem with technology which evolves quickly but we can't (and probably shouldn't) rename each different itera...


At the moment I make react-native apps for a living and clients still only know about "hybrid" (PhoneGap) and "native"(Objective-C/Java).

Then I tell them about the "app spectrum" and they're mind blown, haha.

Then there's the situation where you were able to convince the clients that hybrid isn't what they think it is but now they think nothing will ever go wrong and if something does go wrong or is non-performant, there's the "If only we'd gone full native" cloud hanging over your head. Either way, the client will have a hard time envisioning all the problems that were avoided by making the choice that was made.

That's just a mini-rant about clients. :P

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