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Discussion on: 🎯 My Content Strategy For 2021

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Kevin Sengsay

Interesting ideas! As a working student, I'm going take inspiration from you. Establishing a plan based on simplicity makes sense when you have to work at the same time. It's better than having no plan at all. I've been looking at your website and I must say that your productivity is impressive. What do you think about making videos to teach something? Being in a lot of platforms is interesting because you can reach more users but it may require some extra work. It sounds like a real challenge but I guess that's what makes teaching a creative activity.

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Waylon Walker Author

Making video is a fantasic option. I it is a format that a lot of people consume and depending on the content can stand for a long time. I am struggling to record audio, I don't think my lifestyle fits video recording right now. especially home with kids during the pandemic.