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Now more than ever, we need to model and demand a culture of courtesy and mutual respect. Thank you for your article.

To reinforce what you're saying, those who equate courtesy and respect with not providing feedback and not requiring quality are not being constructive or logical. It's always good to be nice to others, especially when disagreeing and criticizing.

There are many who cannot be bothered with behaving respectfully. They are usually deaf to any arguments otherwise. When choosing my employers and clients, character issues like this are at the top of my list of factors on which I base my decision whether or not to join them.

Regarding 'git blame', there is no need to add an alias; 'git annotate' has always been a synonym for 'git blame'.

Please continue to focus on the human factors in our field. Happiness in the workplace is such a large part of happiness in life. It's great when people like you care enough to examine and nurture it.


Well put Keith!
Thanks for letting me know of "git annotate".

Be well

  • Pavneet
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