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Hello everyone 😊

I'm Kelsey, a new mom to my miracle baby, learning to code in between naps/bedtime and working towards becoming an Android Developer.

I found my way here through reading KatieofCode's post Neverthelessicode after going on a following spree of other people in dev/programming/tech world.

I'm currently taking the #developcamp by Moms CAN:Code where I'm learning the basics of web development and how to prepare myself for remote work. I'm also taking an Android Development Bootcamp.

I plan on finishing my Android Developer Nanodegree through Udacity & Google, and testing to be certified as a Junior Android Developer by Google. I also plan to obtain an online bachelors degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Mobile&Web Development.

I'm pursuing this path after realizing how much I love coding, the kind/considerate community, and my desire to support my family so we can all have a brighter future.

My preferred method of communication is through some variation of text. I have severe social anxiety so in-person meetings make me quite anxious, although I will participate if needed, my cheeks will just be red and I'll be a bit shy. 😅

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