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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #34 - WeIrD StRiNg CaSe

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Ken Bellows • Edited

Ah, you're right, that's interesting. I hadn't noticed that discrepancy with the capital 'C' in 'CaSe'; that makes this a more interesting challenge!

The original post should probably call that out a little more clearly, because it raises additional questions: Should punctuation count as a word separator? e.g., should 'word-other' become 'WoRd-oThEr' or 'WoRd-OtHeR'? Or should we only worry about letters and spaces? What characters are we considering?

@thepracticaldev , any help here?

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Sung M. Kim

For some reason, CodeWars isn't loading for me so won't be able to check the edge cases... 🤔