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Discussion on: Last video game you finished

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Rob Kendal {{☕}}

Hey David, I've finished a few lately:

  • Alien Isolation > bit of an older title but one of the best games I've played. Very faithful to the movies and just a great overall game
  • Borderlands 3 > again, an absolutely storming game and I couldn't put it down

I'm currently working through Little Nightmares (because it's free on the Stadia subscription) which is a really compelling game, but really weird and dark...

Also playing PUBG, but I suck at that haha

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David Mendoza (He/Him) Author

Hey Rob,
Damn, I have been trying to buy borderlands but I always find other reason to use my money 😅 hahahaha

I heard little nightmare was really good, I hope you enjoy it

hahahah I dont like those games of free for all 100 players, I dont know they bore me fast