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  1. Thank you for great platform!

  2. Do you know , which is a similar platform to in Japan?
    I've wrote some on Qiita in Japanese, and I'm willing to translate it in English.

  3. Do you think you will pursue speed in UX, if you run other kind of platform, say, online dating, e-commerce, micro-blogging, blalabla.
    In my opinion as a developer, I'm enthusiast for micro-interactions, especially for fast loads, so I will choose a strategy akin to


Hi Kento!

1) Thank you!

2) I wasn't aware of Qiita, but it looks quite similar. We'd love to have you cross-post and/or translate any articles you've written :)

3) While I don't think another kind of platform is on the immediate roadmap, I do think speed/performance will always be a central priority for us. Not just because it's awesome, but because it's a good constraint to ensure the site is performant and consistent for everyone, not just those on a fast connection.

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