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I think you went overboard lmfao. Why would you needl ike 4 monitors and like 2 on top when you haev a vertical and a long one lmfao. Either way its dope im jelous :laugh:

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InHuOfficial • Edited

So I use the massive main monitor for most work.

I can definitely recommend a large 4k monitor for development, the extra screen space let's you have 2 or 3 files open at once side by side, such as HTML, CSS and JS or your JS and you API docs so you can remember what path you gave to your API endpoints and stupid names you gave parameters! I can't really recommend anymore than one large monitor though, my use case is pretty unique 😋).

I use the large right monitor for site previews that I am working on, Outlook and some website monitoring software (stacked on top of each other taking up a third of the vertical height each).

The top 2 monitors come into play for things like researching and inspiration when designing (so I can have them visible to refer to) or OBS if I am on a video call / making instruction videos (something new I am working on!).

The left most screen is used for support queries and CRM system, it is linked to my phone system so it helps to have it "always visible" as it pulls a client record up when they call etc.

I don't use the laptop screen, but the laptop developed a fault where it goes into sleep mode if I don't have it open (it needs replacing soon as it is 4/5 years old)!

As you can probably tell I only use about half the screen space actively, the rest of it is there so things are always visible so I can quickly glance at them or use them for reference without having to switch between desktops or Alt + Tab between applications.

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