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Native french speaker here.

Programming in French is horrible, since every programming language are written in English. We've had many problems at work with Rails auto-pluralize because of French words that look like English words.

I was forced to program in French on school, and I switched to English as soon as I could. Some government agencies here are still forcing employees to code in French tho.


Yeah, coding in french is truly horrible (also had to code in french at school) but I feel like sometimes, some concepts are easier to understand when they are in french. But I will never code in french ever again.


I'm agree with you. Coding in french just burns my eyes from the inside 🔥

Fun fact, when I jump into a french car I often ask my self "did the car manufacturer developers coded some stuffs in french here?" like:

const signophiles: boolean = true;
if (signophiles) {
   this.tableauDeBord.lumiere = 'orange';


On the other side, reading a technical book where the explanation are provided in French makes it faster and easier to understand for me.


On a fait la même technique, a la même école!

On s'habitue vite en anglais a force de travailler a tous les jours 😊

Malade! c'est sûr qu'on s'habitue vite! C'est juste que des fois, c'est un peu plus facile de lire de la doc compliqué en français.


Whenever i find code commented or with function names, variables written in different language then English i curse the developer :p


as a english speaker, what does french code look like?


For example
would look something like :
Basically, everything is just way longer.

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