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Roast my code

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Hi, after maybe 3 months, finally I finished my self-project.

What I tried to do with this project?

  • Learn and build an entire APP with NodeJs and React


  • Im a junior web developer, and I think it's time to create, to break, to get sick with this type of projects, learning by myself

What are you doing here?

  • Well, I tried to use a new Stack, learning new auth systems, devs methods... If anybody is bored or want to check this code is in my GitHub. Please I want your feedback, what I did wrong, what part is a bad practice, what part of my code is insecure, what part is a spaghetti, React components are a complete spaghetti?...

What can I do get better?

  • Well I hope is someone want to tell me, I will read all the comments. Thanks

Here's the project:

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Sahil Bondre

Just a suggestion. Maybe you can try using a linter and formatter like eslint and prettier.