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re: Use it or lose it. I'm an aged analyst involved in system Integration. I just would like to throw in my 'two cents worth' of insights. For example...

This resonated for me. In all things a fundamental approach will always be the most sound. I'm well more an 'imposter' than Ms. Ashley Petitpas, but also I'm an engineering graduate M.S. Industrial Engr, with limited experiences in software development. Always have considered doing some deep dives as certain problems I'm interested in can likely be solved via politically astute application to software development, especially in machine learning and especially of the reinforcement type. But I well realize that a fundamental understanding of certain computer science topics is essential as is having a structured, rational approach to apply for every development project.

Can you suggest any thing else I should incorporate in my approach Da2@ciri3dg ?

My next trick is to perhaps take a SAS cert course for various reasons. BTW. Also thinking the MSFT Jr. Dev cert course will be helpful given the approach I've seen in the TOC.


This is my first "hello" post to the community since just setting up here minutes ago.

Thank you.

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