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Discussion on: What are the hardest coding terms to search for?

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Zane Milakovic

When I was developing for Adobe Experience Manager, it had been rebranded twice.

Microsoft also has this issue with Cosmo DB.

Adobe renamed the template language sightly to something else.

Sight Catalyst was renamed to Adobe Analytics.

In general every time a product gets renamed, it makes it incredibly difficult. Google does not really understand legacy documents vs new documentation, or that rebranding happened.

You end up searching for solutions to problems, swapping out the branded name. Just because the name changed, often the API and issues didn’t.

Naming this is hard as a dev. Marketing switching names on us, makes it even harder on us to adopt the technology.

To make matters worse, once a rename happens, the old language has to be removed from the new documentation and distanced from it. Yet the legacy docs are still present.

Even adding β€œpreviously called x” somewhere on the page would help inform google. But instead the old branding is scarce, because they want to move on.

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Ashley Sheridan

When I first started learning Angular I was using Angular 2 beta. At that time the earlier version was being re-branded as Angularjs (both architectures completely different, of course!) which made Googling a bit hit or miss for a year or so as you could never be immediately sure which one you had the answers for.