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re: Great achievement indeed, Killian!✨ And you have done a great job "documenting" your learning path like this!😄 Can I know why did you chose to dep...

Hello Abhijit!

Thank you 🙏

I followed along the tutorial until the end and the author recommended those because they are really easy to get started with.

AWS looks great but it is such a big deal, I need to allocate time to dive in 🏊‍♂️


Hey Killian, I know AWS seems really huge at first. I am a beginner, too, and I found a great description how to deploy a Node.js/Express App on AWS (on a Linux EC2 instance with Free Tier). Just follow this article here.


It was very helpful to me!

Oh sweet! I don't have an excuse to not give it a try now 😄

AWS looks so intimidating, a good tutorial is very welcome!

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