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Great achievement indeed, Killian!✨
And you have done a great job "documenting" your learning path like this!😄

Can I know why did you chose to deploy the backend and frontend on the respective platforms?

And yes, as you've mentioned, you can opt just for AWS S3 (a static storage system) and integrate it with Heroku.


Hello Abhijit!

Thank you 🙏

I followed along the tutorial until the end and the author recommended those because they are really easy to get started with.

AWS looks great but it is such a big deal, I need to allocate time to dive in 🏊‍♂️


Hey Killian, I know AWS seems really huge at first. I am a beginner, too, and I found a great description how to deploy a Node.js/Express App on AWS (on a Linux EC2 instance with Free Tier). Just follow this article here.


It was very helpful to me!

Oh sweet! I don't have an excuse to not give it a try now 😄

AWS looks so intimidating, a good tutorial is very welcome!

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