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Discussion on: Writing React with TypeScript

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Kirill V

I am migrating from Vue.js to React+TS. So far, the pure JS feel with the typing seems much more complex than Vue's magic and object-based components. Besides the materials you posted, which should save a lot of time, is there anything I can do to make the transition easier?

In particular, I don't understand what the Redux store lets you do you that the context API with higher order components doesn't. Possibly because of my experience with Vuex, which is essentially a higher-order component that provides a context, but has the same structure as a Vue component, with actions and mutations as syntactic sugar.

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Sebastian Kurfürst Author


I'd suggest that you start without Redux first; as you'll now when you need it. So if you feel the new Context API is enough, then this is perfectly fine (in many applications, it is totally enough).

At a certain (big) scale, switching to Redux makes sense; but you'll notice when you need this :)

All the best,