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re: My son is 8 and hasn't shown an ounce of interest in computers. Maybe one day I can bring him over to the dark side :-) Yours truly, Sad programme...

Lol, I am 13 and I am better at programming than some adults. I learned everything off the internet, because I am the only person in my entire family who is actually interested in this kind of stuff.


It took me years to finally get off my bum and do some programming. I wish I hadn't been so lazy as a kid. When I was in 3rd grade, I decided I wanted to make games. Didn't even try until I was 20-something

Lol, I started when I first got the idea. Like, the same day.
Also, I got the WiFi password for my schools WiFi when I was 11, and everyone was like "How did you do this? Are you a hacker?".

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