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Discussion on: Is Multitasking Effective for Your Work as a Developer?

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Mangabo Kolawole

Everything that exceeds the bounds of moderation has an unstable foundation. - Seneca
I literally identified myself in this quote.
Last year, I tried to learn lot of things and get experience in web development by building projects. I was multitasking everyday every time and it leads me to burnout.
Our brain has been designed to focus and it evolved this way.
I think multitasking is not a human thing so it’s better to focus maximally in three things. Moderation.

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Danila Petrova Author

I agree! I have had experience with burnout too, and trying to work on too many things all at once played a big part in it.

Some people may be a bit better at task-switching, however, if you have tried it and it brings you stress and a health hazard, it is simply not worth forcing yourself to multitask.