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Discussion on: How to schedule JAMstack deploys with Netlify and GitHub

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kontrollanten • Edited on

Nice with someone with a different opinion! =D In my experience combining Netlify and CI environments works mostly fine, but I've had problems with

  • Multiple build environments. Sometimes the build works in CI, but not in Netlify or vice versa. Bumping node version, etc requires double config change.
  • Running e2e, lighthouse or something else after the site has been deployed isn't possible. I've created a small PoC of a bridge to solve that, but it shouldn't be that tricky.
  • It's illogical that the site is built two times. I'm building my site in the CI env to run packtracker and then it's built again in Netlify. Of course I can run packtracker inside Netlify, but then it starts getting messy with no separation of concerns.
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Stefan Judis Author

I see. :)

Yeah, I'm not very deep into the topic, but I can def imagine that there are many little details that make it trickier after a first look. I bet your three problems are only a few. πŸ™ˆ