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Discussion on: What dated/non-mainstream tools you think deserve more attention?

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Kostia Palchyk Author

| KDE5 has Tile window manager mode builtin.

Alas, Linux is not so popular among users. While I enjoyed it on my previous laptop, I haven't had guts yet to install it on my MacBook 😨. Once I had Arch Linux with xmonad tiling manager. Was really proud to be a user of those two, though understood neither of them 🙂

| Console-based apps still very popular.

Yep, I guess, my whole point (not just about console apps):
We neglect our heritage and invent new, while old tools might have had more thought put to them than meets the eye.

I see us using visual git instruments and creating a mess in the git history. We use shiny new IDEs, while vim and emacs have been polished for literally decades. We seem to be moving towards web-based apps on mobile devices.

Not saying it's bad, it's cool. I just feel that if we didn't reinvent the wheel every now and then — we'd had better tools today. [highest drama point here]