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Kostia Palchyk
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What dated/non-mainstream tools you think deserve more attention?

In this modern world of a new IDE, framework, programming language every year — what tools you think were neglected and are worth wider adoption?

My personal favorites:

  • console-based apps: vim, tmux, midnight commander
    iOS Finder sucks so much that you can't even remove it from the dock panel.
    A screenshot of all 3 together — all supported 🙌, not mainstream

  • drag-and-drop programming user interfaces
    remember Delphi days?
    With all these cool front-end frameworks we forgot how to drag-n-drop a button 😕

  • tile window managers
    i3 screenshot example
    Again, iOS window manager — 🤕, envy Linux users 🙂

Share yours in the comments!

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Eric Newport
  • Matrix decentralized and federated IM system and its most popular client, Riot:
  • Mastodon decentralized and federated social media platform; a good Twitter replacement:
  • In general we need to be more skeptical of centralized services and lean harder on open, federated protocols. Also the iOS App Store is a monopoly. Apple should be required by law to permit sideloading and rooting of iOS devices.
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Ben Lovy • Edited

GNU make is really really good at what it does, though I don't know that it counts as "non-mainstream" - it's everywhere.

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Kostia Palchyk

Indeed it is 🙂

I should confess that I often used it by simply copy-pasting and running installation instructions 😊

A good thing to learn more about. Thanks for sharing, Ben!

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Brian Schroer
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Corey Alix


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Evan Plaice

It'll likely be rendered obsolete by the adoption of ES modules. Especially, if/when the source maps specification lands.

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Kostia Palchyk

Any particular feature that's missing in currently-better-maintained webpack?

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Juan Carlos

KDE5 has Tile window manager mode builtin.
Console-based apps still very popular.

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Kostia Palchyk

| KDE5 has Tile window manager mode builtin.

Alas, Linux is not so popular among users. While I enjoyed it on my previous laptop, I haven't had guts yet to install it on my MacBook 😨. Once I had Arch Linux with xmonad tiling manager. Was really proud to be a user of those two, though understood neither of them 🙂

| Console-based apps still very popular.

Yep, I guess, my whole point (not just about console apps):
We neglect our heritage and invent new, while old tools might have had more thought put to them than meets the eye.

I see us using visual git instruments and creating a mess in the git history. We use shiny new IDEs, while vim and emacs have been polished for literally decades. We seem to be moving towards web-based apps on mobile devices.

Not saying it's bad, it's cool. I just feel that if we didn't reinvent the wheel every now and then — we'd had better tools today. [highest drama point here]

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Pablo Chico de Guzman

It allows developing with instant update of containers in Kubernetes

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Rick Buitrago

Not enough love for Apache ant and maven. They are proven terribly useful in JVM ecosystem, but they're by no means limited to that.

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Jon Randy 🎖️


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Kostia Palchyk

Nice! Git-starred it 🙂

Also, they have "Zen of Python" by Tim Peters on their front page:

Beautiful is better than ugly.
Explicit is better than implicit.
Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than complicated.
Flat is better than nested.

I've seen it years ago, and then forgot, worth re-reading more often!

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Mohammad Mohammadi

GNU Emacs