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re: Thank you so much for the resources! I am excited just getting started with learning how Azure works! This will prove useful to me when I want to h...

My pleasure! Also, be aware that both performance and costwise some things are smart to host on Azure, some not - for example, a static site that's built from your source hosted on Azure DevOps or GitHub works well in a free/shared app service instance, a fancy modern webapp completely hosted on Azure Functions would be interesting and reasonably cost-effective, but hosting for example, a WordPress site is going to give you a questionable performance with above average cost, unless you spend a lot of time tweaking it... Been there, done that ;)

It's a rewarding journey, though - have fun!

Well luckily I am coding my entire website from scratch using React for the front end so I should be fine plus I heard Azure plays well with React and NodeJs so it should be easy to deploy it when the times comes šŸ˜

With that stack, you should be good. Have fun coding and be sure to blog about your findings! šŸ˜‰

Hi! My name is Siful. This is the first community Iā€™m joining and I hope to be active for a long time.

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