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Discussion on: Want to contribute to open source software

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Koushik KM • Edited on

Hey, Welcome to the community. I really appreciate that you consider contributing to open source

2 months back I started with a project JobTriage which is used to manage your job search effectively. But I got a job last month and even though I am continuously working on it, I can't give my full time to it. So it will be very helpful if you join the team.

It uses Rails, React and Mongo DB. Maintainers are always available so each of PR/ doubts will be immediately cleared.

Just take a look at the issues.

Thanks :)

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Nodawan Author

Thank you for the warm welcome here. I have looked at the open issues in your project and some of them seem quite do-able to me so I will hopefully be creating a PR soon.

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Koushik KM

Wow. Thanks. You are awesome!