Want to contribute to open source software

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Hi! I have just joined Dev. Love the community here and cannot wait to interact and learn from all of you.
The reason I am writing this post is that I have some free time on my hand, and I've always wanted to contribute to Open source software so if any of you open source maintainers have a beginner friendly task in any open source project hit me up! My experience is mostly in back-end development with nodeJs but I know a little about react too.


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Hey, Welcome to the community. I really appreciate that you consider contributing to open source

2 months back I started with a project JobTriage which is used to manage your job search effectively. But I got a job last month and even though I am continuously working on it, I can't give my full time to it. So it will be very helpful if you join the team.

It uses Rails, React and Mongo DB. Maintainers are always available so each of PR/ doubts will be immediately cleared.

Just take a look at the issues. github.com/jobtriage/jobtriage/issues

Thanks :)


Thank you for the warm welcome here. I have looked at the open issues in your project and some of them seem quite do-able to me so I will hopefully be creating a PR soon.


Hey, if you have experience in back-end with node.js I think that this project would be a perfect fit!

EthairBaloons is a strictly typed ORM JS library for Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to use Ethereum blockchain as a persistent storage in an organized and model-oriented way without writing custom complex Smart contracts.

It is a spin-off project of my thesis.
Check it out and contribute!


Hey, Thank you for your response. Been looking for something related to blockchain for a while now, will definitely look into this.


Hello do you have experience in Golang? I have few issues open in github.com/sagar-jadhav/go-examples let me know if you are interested.


Hey Sagar, Thank you for your reply. I have little to no experience in Golang but I will take a look at open issues at your repo. Thanks again.


Sure no issues. Please look for issues labeled as code. There are couple of issues with that label. Let me know if you want any help in getting started.


Thanks, taking a look into this, will see what I can do.