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Discussion on: Is It Ethical to Design the exact copy of application ?

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Punith K

Haven't you seen a nike or adidas clothes or shoes people selling on streets with the same logo though they look same but they are not? Does this impacted the actual company, it might have for a bit but not with a huge margin.

One who knows the real brand value creates the one makes it the number one.

Talking about the rights to suggest an idea to people who think thier idea is always great is harder for most of the developers, that is the reason why you see most the young coming out and building great products, you take any successful app or idea thought and built was from young entrepreneurs in India, they were developers before they turned a entrepreneurs.

Its kind of plagiarism, it will self destroy as it has no storng roots.

I'm not telling that the developer who coded is bad or had no ideas to propose, like I mentioned in the previous comment.

This is the reality. In this case what jio might have thought is people are using zoom for its UI not the functionalities, we need to see how it handles the load and security and many aspects of the app.

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Maverick Author

Well, I thanks that you put your interest in my topic and since you are superior in experience, I hope this application must be more reliable and scalable as compared to Zoom but still, I want to put my point in front of you. I think we have to put some innovative ideas in front of users either it is by developer or other members because we all learn in schools that don't copy other's work. No doubt, this application is great initiative by Jio to Boycott Chinese products but still, it is planarized one.