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Discussion on: How to manage time? Time management tips for anyone.

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Kevin Hoyt

I ran across the “Four D’s” in Tim Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” (GTD) and they have really made a difference over the long term. In brief, they are:

  • Do It: Can you do it now, in the time available? Then do it.
  • Defer It: Not enough time? Put it on the calendar with an appropriate time block. Stick to the calendar (this is key).
  • Delegate It: Maybe somebody else should do this task? Assign it. Put time in the calendar to circle back for progress. Repeat until done.
  • Drop It: Be honest with yourself. Maybe this is not something that really needs to be done.

Long-term/larger projects require you to schedule time to plan/schedule the work. Two other tips from the book that I use:

  • “Maybe Someday” Bin: For ideas, tasks, rogue thoughts, etc. that clutter your mind.
  • Time/Place Tagging: When collecting things that need to get done, tag them by “time to complete” and/or “place to do this task” (1 hour, Home). Suddenly have free time? How much? Hit the tag for that timing and choose a task. At the grocery store? Hit that tag and never forget that one-off thing you were trying to remember to pick up.
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Tharun Shiv Author

Wow! Amazing insights.. thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! 🥳