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Outreachy: Everyone Struggles

Welcome to blog 2!

A vocabulary term I didn't know before I applied to Outreachy

Even though I've been into open source for more than a year before applying to Outreachy, I just somehow didn't know what FOSS stood for (I know it's kind of funny and embarrassing). It stands for 'Free and open-source software (FOSS)' and the meaning is pretty self-explanatory I believe 😋

I just saw this term everywhere and was a little confused for several weeks, before I just googled it!
Sometimes, knowing or learning something new is that simple: googling, or asking a friend or mentor 💁‍♀️

I also did not know that I could contribute to Open-source as a designer. When I eventually got to know that Outreachy (as well as GSOC) has some UI/UX related projects, I was very happy and all pumped up to contribute 💪

So, another learning here is that Open-source is not just for developers/coders, you can contribute to Open-source as a designer, writer, community manager and much more 😎

In a recent meeting, our mentors discussed how important good commit messages can be. It's like a very important log of all the changes made, along with the reason and thinking behind those changes. So writing good and detailed commit messages is very important.

For the past 2 weeks, I've been trying to gather some feedback through a google form, which is a painfully slow process as it gets very difficult to get a form filled by people who use the app.
Nevertheless, giving up is not an option; we shall see how this goes in the future!

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