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Discussion on: a first look at svelteKit part 2 - layout, routes

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Krupal Patel

Hey Anthony,

I'm new at SvelteJs and started with SvelteKit I'm here to get help to configure SCSS with SvelteKit. Everywhere I found is install svelte-preprocess & node-sass then some settings on rollup.config.js but its not exists under SvelteKit project or maybe it's only part of SvelteJs not kit or maybe a different version of Svelte.

I'm just trying to configure SCSS in SvelteKit.

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anthony-campolo Author

Hey Krupal, that's a really great question. I'm a terrible frontend developer and don't know anything about CSS, so I forwarded this question to the SvelteKit Discord server and received the following response, hopefully it is helpful:

I've got svelte-preprocess and sass in my devDependencies

In svelte.config.js:

import sveltePreprocess from 'svelte-preprocess';

/** @type {import('@sveltejs/kit').Config} */
const config = {
  preprocess: sveltePreprocess(),
  kit: {
    // hydrate the <div id="svelte"> element in src/app.html
    target: '#svelte',

export default config;
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I just upgraded sveltekit and had to update that from original the .cjs file. IIRC the other difference from svelte is that you add a different attribute on your style tag to mark it as scss: <style lang="scss">

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