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I have only changed jobs a couple of times since I started programming professionally. But each time I made it clear that I was not interested in management positions. I enjoy getting my hands on the code. One of the benefits I bring to my team is trail-blazing unfamiliar tech to provide a path forward.

Plus I just do not like how most large corporations are setup in terms of management. It has never sat right with me that managers make (sometimes significantly) more than the people they manage. They are serving a necessary function in the organization just like everyone else. I think in many cases it is a payoff for becoming an agent of the company instead of a supporter of their people. IOW, they get paid more to be the ones who inflicts the will of the company onto the company's employees. And the will of the company may at times be different even from the best interests of the company, depending on who is currently in charge. In such a place, I would not make it as a manager anyway.

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