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Kyaw Kyaw Khaing

An ambitious third year computer science student from University of Computer Studies , Mandalay who is hard-working freelance web developer with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the least amount of time. Developed an e-commerce web app , customer web portal, documentary launch website , and donations web app for a local charity . Passionate about software architecture , cloud computing and web intelligence. Regular attendee of web developer meetups and hackathons . I have developed a “G&C trading” web app that is my second year project , UCSM’s welcome voting web app and“Learning Together” web app that improve university student’s campus life . You can see this projects and my skill in my github account “”. I am looking to secure a challenging freelance web developer role in IT company where I can bring fresh strategic vision and value to the business.

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What's one of your strategies for getting into freelance? I'm currently interviewing for a job in the field but freelance could be a good Plan B if I had some pointers.