How to Better Watch Your AWS Costs Before You Forget

Kyle Galbraith on October 08, 2018

Tracking AWS cost continues to be a very popular topic in the world of the cloud. The reasoning is often because folks are getting surprised b... [Read Full]
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Really one reason why AWS is so bad is it's pricing. Both Google Cloud and Azure are clearer on their pricing, and Google Cloud has the best pricing overall due to their automatic continuous usage discounts.

Why force the terrible system that is AWS on you, instead of looking on the alternatives? You'll get a more friendly interface, better pricing, and much more modern systems in general.

How are people ok with having to configure every VM instance separately on AWS still, for everything ranging from startup scripts, to proper hostnames and DNS setup, to alerting?

You have to be willing to commit a massive amount of manpower on writing automation systems around your cloud hosting to get even a remotely pleasant experience with AWS, and still you're stuck with the nonsense of their pricing models and just bad attitude.


I might just investigate alternatives, that would be a nicer experience.


Thank you for reminding! I just saw my billing dashboard and terminated everything used in the training video I watched.


That's definitely a fear of mine. Waking up in the middle of the night wondering if I left an expensive instance running. They won't stop you from running up a sky high bill, it's sort of "With great power comes great..." you get the idea.


Nice article Kyle. Cost is definitely one of the thing that catch people off guard when it comes to could usage; esp. when you leave an load balancer on overnight ;).


Thanks David. Leaving unneeded infrastructure running is definitely one of the leaders when it comes to unnecessary AWS costs.


That and security.
500 days old tokens, no mfa, etc etc...

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