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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Ask Me Anything

Since I need to release one blog post a week usually I don't send it to anybody.

I write it on google docs or some office suite
and then I copy and paste it into Grammarly pro.

A review is usually done after I published it by the community ;)
Reviewing my blog post is also not so important most often because either it is just posting something about my experience and thoughts about it.
Or when it comes to coding I really run the example code I provide and make sure that the example really works.

So yeah for me if the code works and then everything should be good to go :)
This also helps with the more theoretical stuff. An example would be the Vue render post I wrote. It validates itself and you can validate the example code :)

I would like to give it to someone but then again most of the time the post validates itself.

Maybe someone should proofread it but I don't know anybody how would do it once a week ;)

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